World Clubfoot Day june 3rd , Hửơng ứng ngày bàn chân khoèo thế giới 3/6.

Hưởng ứng Ngày bàn chân khoèo thế giới 3/6, nhân viên y tế tăng cường phát hiện sớm trẻ bị dị tật bàn chân khoèo bẩm sinh, hướng dẫn, tư vấn cho gia đình đưa trẻ đi tới các bệnh viện đang điều trị .


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Mừng Ngày Bàn Chân Khoèo Thế Giới – 3/6/2017

Để chào mừng ngày bàn chân khoèo thế giới mùng 3 tháng 6 MOI đã tổ chức đi phát động phòng trào phát hiện sớm bàn chân khoèo ở trẻ sơ sinh để điều trị kịp thời ở một số tỉnh như : Hà Nội , Yên Bái, Hải Phòng , Thanh Hóa , Nghệ An .

  • Dưới đây là một số hình ảnh về Ngày bàn chân khoèo thế giới . IMG_3410 IMG_3409 IMG_3316 IMG_3291 IMG_3267 IMG_333920170601_145120 DSC00705

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Bệnh viện điều dưỡng và và phục hồi chức năng Hà Giang thực hiện việc điều trị cho các cháu bị bàn chân khoèo bẩm sinh miễn phí từ 0 đến 2 tuổi .

Đề nghị các gia đình , các nữ hộ sinh phát hiện các cháu bị bàn chân khoèo hãy đưa các cháu đến Bệnh viện để được điều trị sớm.

– Dưới đây là video bàn chân khoèo được phát sóng trên kênh Hà Giang, vui lòng tích vào đường link để xem:

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Một số hình ảnh về lớp tập huấn dấu hiệu nhận biết bàn chân khoèo của tổ chức MOI kết hợp với Sở Y Tế – Thái Nguyên tổ chức và TS. BSCK II . Trịnh Quang Dũng , Khoa PHCN – Bệnh viện Nhi TƯ giảng bài.


IMG_2099 DSC00095 IMG_2096 IMG_2091 IMG_2085 IMG_2078 IMG_2079 IMG_2082 IMG_2083 IMG_2084 IMG_2076 IMG_2075 IMG_2074 IMG_2073 IMG_2072 IMG_2065 IMG_2066 IMG_2067 IMG_2068 IMG_2069 DSC00108 DSC00106 DSC00099 DSC00098 DSC00095

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Story about patient: Nguyen Xuan Anh Khoa

Story about patient: Nguyen Xuan Anh Khoa

Date of  birth: 1/2/2016

Phone number: 0973231474

Address: Phu Loc District Thua Thien Hue Province











Patients before treatment

Hello, My name is Le Thi Doanh, I am the mother of Nguyen Xuan Anh Khoa. I was born in Phu Loc District Thua Thien Hue Province, Viet Nam. There are 2 kids in my family, my first daughter is 5 years old, and my second sonwas born on 1st February, 2016, he was very healthy at the beginning except his feet were turned inside.

When he was born, doctors in Phu Loc ward hospital told me that he had clubfoot. When doctors informed us, my husband and I were very sad and worried. We thought there was no hope for us. I saw people gather in crowds and talk about my kid, and by feeling and sense of a mom, I had a bad prediction about things related to my son. Right away, I called my husband and asked him what happened, he told me that my son’s feet were not normal as other, his feet turned inside. After listening to this, I was shocked because I thought that with these feet, he could not have a future. I cried a lot because when I was pregnant, I went to do ultra-scan and there was no abnormal sign.All results were normal but now my son’s feet were not normal. A sorrow atmosphere covered my family. That night, my husband searched theinternet and we knew that my son was born with clubfoot. Via searching information we knew that Hue hospital could cure clubfoot and the sooner treatment began, the better the result would be. So right after we left the hospital, I called a taxi and went to Hue hospital, I was consulted by doctor Mung, and he said that my son’s clubfoot can be cured by Ponseti. He also consulted that after several casts and a small operation, my son feet could be normal as other kids. After I saw the doctor, I felt very comfortable, but the most difficult thing for us at that time was the long distance from my house to the hospital. My house is 100km away from the hospital, and we are both famers, so time and distance became our difficulties but I was determined that my son has to walk as other kids.

con trai bà Lê Thị Danh Con trai bà Lê Thị Danh-Thêm cuộc khám -Pictures-Patient_Picture_Complete-huecentral-8b54331d-ce84-444d-89aa-6221aaed35a5






Patients during treatment .

Thus, he had started the treatment with 7 casts and a tendon operation during 21 days. My son has worn his shoe braces for over 3 months, and I can see his feet have strengthened.

con trai bà Lê Thị Danh Con trai bà Lê Thị Danh-Thêm cuộc khám -Pictures-Patient_Picture_Complete-huecentral-cc35a667-bf11-41a9-935e-76fec453c122






patients after treatment.

Now my son wears a shoe brace at night and we hope that after 4 or 5 years, my son’s feet can be stronger and he can walk on his own feet like other kids, andmy son’s future will be like other kids.

I am so thankful to thetreatment team who has been treating my son, I am also thankful to Mobility Outreach International who has always been by my side since the beginning of the treatment and enlighten for my son his futureand his whole life. Thank you.


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